Friday, March 8, 2013

Making news this week in Monticello Florida

This week has been a busy time. Everything is clicking around Monticello. I attended the Jefferson County Historical Association's Board Meeting Monday morning as their liaison with Main Street Monticello. They approved the Artisans and Growers Market using the new Wirick-Simmons Garden for our activities.

We will continue holding the market only on the first Saturday for a while, but later several sellers want to be open the first and third Saturdays and someday possibly every Saturday. We expect the move will increase or traffic dramatically and that will attract more sellers. April will complete our second year.

If that is not enough for this week, I attended the Main Street Board meeting Monday evening and they voted to purchase 6 pop-up tents for the Market. That will give us an attractive, uniform appearance and make us appear more professional.

Mr. Strickland's Farmer's Market was again mentioned. He seems to think we are trying to take his business, but we can never be any competition for him - we are a different sort of market anyway.. He should always have a table at our Market with his "Monticello" products and flyers telling people his wonderful market is open every day.

My friend Mike Plummer of WFSU TV came out Tuesday AM and after talking about an hour decided to video the Home and Cemetery Tour. I took a lot of pictures of Senator Polk and his wife Jessie in costume down at Roseland Cemetery. He also agreed to video for TV the "Little Free Libraries" when they are complete and in place.

Then I went to the City Council meeting as usual. It is interesting to be there every month and stay from gavel to gavel.

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