Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cemetery and Home Tour getting ready to go

Members of Jefferson County Historical Association are working hard to get ready for the Roseland Cemetery and Home Tour this Saturday, March 23, 2013. WFSU will be there to record the vignettes in the Cemetery to show on TV. We will have a private videographer as well so we can make our own recording to be made into a DVD.

There has been a lot of publicity for this event. Articles in newspapers, flyers everywhere and news all over the internet. I hope we have a good crowd. Places like COCA in Tallahassee, WFSU, The Morning Show, The Visitors Bureau in Thomasville, GA and Monticello News and others have been wonderful in getting the word out.

In the mean time we are working along on ideas coming out of the First Floridians First Americans Conference. Yesterday we had a discussion about who to invite to the second First Floridians First Americans Conference planned for October 2015. I plan to call the Smithsonian and invite Dennis Stanford. I also want Lee Newsom. She may be almost to famous for us by then, but I will try.

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